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In my view: Future of transportation= Automated and autonomous vehicles

Artificial Intelligence enhances the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing drastic changes in technical fields, where it can be implemented to automate the system for more efficiency and performance while we are quite unaware of how AI is making daily life easier and simpler than before, AI and ML require many of Data annotation for tools to get proper results as AI is now being widely used in multiple fields from mobile phones including social media to preventing threats and responding to active attacks in real-time. Diagnosing the diseases fast and providing a high-performance and accurate system work with efficiency to many E-commerce activities  AI has Used some major fields like Virtual Assistant or Chatbots, Agriculture, Retail and E-Commerce, CyberSecurity Manufacturing and Production, Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis and many more but most importantly it has grown in Transport Sector through Autonomous Vehicles

Self Driving Cars 

 AI technology is hastening the development of self-driving cars. In fact, according to research by Google, AI-powered cars already surpass human drivers when it comes to safety, as AI allows self-driving cars to adapt immediately to changing conditions and learn from new situations. Currently, most car manufacturers are looking to integrate AI technology in future product offerings and the initial step to employ a Data labeling company to provide quality data labeling and annotation services. 

Data categorization service

How it’s making our life Simple 

With the autonomous technology becoming reality, Smart Car enables car rentals to remain at pace with the technology wave. It provides a unified platform where we can manage the entire fleet even as we add driverless cars one after the other. Smart future with smart cars as in today’s modern time’s Self-driving cars with AI-powered chatbots will provide notifications when they arrive at their scheduled destinations, respond to specific questions from customers, and ensure proper payment upon completion of service. The technology isn’t here yet, but according to some experts, it’s not very far to reach us. And so many companies are already exploring the idea of driverless with the help of data labeling companies and the companies working in machine learning and AI domain with a goal to provide proper data labeling and data annotation services to accurately train dataset for machine learning algorithms. Currently, most car manufacturers are looking to integrate AI technology in future product offerings.

Autonomous Vehicle – The Future of Transportation

One of the biggest benefits of introducing any autonomous vehicle is improved safety, connected sensors should be able to scan surrounding environments and react accordingly, with of course no human error. Not only autonomous vehicles but AI in transportation helps in many areas of work such as ridesharing, traffic management, Drones, collect traffic data to reduce congestion and improve the scheduling of public transport, Smarter traffic light algorithms & real-time tracking can control higher and lower traffic patterns effectively, This can be applied to public transport for optimal scheduling & routing. The transportation can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mission-critical tasks such as self-driving vehicles carrying passengers, AI is also used to predict conditions of the road that helps to decrease traffic accidents and injuries. 

Training Data for Autonomous Vehicle cars by: 

  1. LiDAR Annotation

Understanding the Road

Learning Spiral creates high-quality training and validation data to enable automotive companies to develop with confidence computer vision and machine learning models that reliably and safely power autonomous vehicles.

  1. Video annotation 

We use video annotation to guide autonomous vehicles The machine learning models need to understand the content of images and videos. Data scientists need large volumes of accurately annotated data to serve as the ground truth, to train machine learning models for image and video recognition.

Thus, Annotated & Labeled Data + Machine Learning = Strong AI system for projects like Self-driving Cars = Future Of Transportation. 

About the Organization 

Learning Spiral, Data Labeling company with the vision to contribute towards the better future is partnering with some of the most innovative companies in computer vision, self-driving, natural language processing (NLP) space to help them label and annotate texts, images, and videos to build the training datasets effectively and efficiently to feed into their machine learning algorithms.

Offers high-quality Data annotation and Data Labeling services that provide potential to your Algorithms. And annotate data with utmost accuracy assisting the autonomous industry in many ways. 

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