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Data Annotation & Data Labeling services to Power your Algorithms

Learning spiral has a workforce with diverse set of skills and the ability to deliver data annotation and data labeling services at scale. We have a rich history of 15+ years of handling sensitive data on a large scale. Our affordable data annotation and data labeling services provided by trained in-house dedicated professionals will ensure high quality labeled data to meet your needs.

  • Computer Vision
  • NLP
  • Data Enhancement
  • Content Services
  • Digital Publishing
Our Services

We can help bridge the gap between
machines and humans.

Content Services

Attribute Mining, Search relevance Product taxonomy, Speech Recognition, Classification for unstructured data


Audio validation & transcription, Sentiment & Intent analysis, Named entity recognition & linking

Data Enhancement

Enhance, Refine Raw data,  Ensuring accurate data from a provided source, Data normalization, Data/Entity Extraction

Computer Vision

Bounding Box Annotation, Polygon Annotation,  Key point & Skeletal Annotation, Semantic segmentation, Geospatial imaging

Digital Publishing

Pre- Publishing Services, Ebook design & production, Data Entry, XML Conversion, Adding animation, music & video to your digital publication

Our Technical Partners

With our coalition of the world’s technology companies, we’re delivering on our promise of providing qualitative data annotation & labeling services.
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Data Loop

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Our Clients

We have successfully executed works directly / indirectly
for the following end customers and business houses.

Why Choose Us?


Experienced and Dependable
Rich history of handling sensitive and large amounts of data.

Scalability & Flexibility
Ability to deliver data annotation & Data labeling services on-demand and at scale.

Services delivered from ISO 27001 Compliant Organization

In-house & Trained
In-house, Professional, Dedicated and trained teams.

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