Data Annotation
  1. Computer vision, a field of study that seeks to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content of digital images such as videos and images, etc. CV with Qualitative Data Annotation & Data Labeling services provides accurate results 
  1. Some of the most important Computer Vision Use-Cases with data labeling services and image annotation services are Image Classification, Object Detection, Video Analytics, Image  Segmentation, Facial Recognition, Emotion Analysis. 
  1. Bounding boxes are the most commonly used type of data annotation in computer vision. 
  1. Computer vision technology is not only significant but dynamic, it’s been opted by major industries in many different ways. 
  1. Computer Vision in the Autonomous Industry: CV offers a platform and we generate accurate and diverse annotations on the datasets to train, validate, and test algorithms related to autonomous vehicles.
  1. Computer Vision in the healthcare sector: Computers and technology won’t completely replace healthcare personnel but Computer vision with help of data labeling services offered by data labeling companies helps medical professionals in saving their valuable time on basic tasks. It also helps in early diagnostics that save many patients’ lives. 
  1. Computer Vision in Security: In today’s time, Computer vision is also highly used for a variety of security purposes. Some of them like Computer Vision-based security applications are data that has been annotated by us for the development of algorithms used for securing building facilities, railroads ( red signal detection, Objects on the railroad, and), and roads.

    Uses: Computer vision system used in airport security checks, FACE ID advance technology, Computer Vision system in the finance sector 
  1. Computer Vision in Agriculture: Agriculture is one of the most popular and significant sectors for Computer vision. There are various uses such as CV is used to check the quality of agricultural products, it’s used for detecting defects, knowing properties like size, shape, specification etc, CV is also used to grade products in categories. 

Uses Soil Monitoring through Computer Vision-Enabled Farming, AI & Computer Vision helping in Predicting & Forecasting crop or it’s health, Helping in Weed Detection

The recent advancements in real-time computer vision, however, will provide possibilities of far more new and innovative ways to reduce risk increase security, help to innovate our agricultural sector, provide great assistance to the medical sector and many other industries 

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