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So, the answer is Yes


The effect of Artificial Intelligence is all around the world. We interact with AI technology every single day from smartphones to social media sites. Marketers who use AI tools have an immense competitive advantage over the ones who do not utilize this technology. Hence, AI with the help of Data Annotation & Data Labeling services in social media not only increases the revenue of an organization, but it also provides a safer environment for its users.

AI in Instagram 

Instagram algorithms are AI-focused and choose the most likable posts or content. It has made marketers happy and they can strategize their social media campaigns based on Instagram’s new AI-based algorithms to increase likes or comments.With the growing technology, a wide variety of tools are being used in order to target the right audience on social media. And AI is creating a better journey for users by developing a better user experience on social platforms. Here’s how AI is transforming Social Media. 

Instagram also uses big data and artificial intelligence to target advertising and fight to cyberbully and delete offensive comments. As the amount of content grows in the platform, artificial intelligence is critical to be able to show users of the platform information they might like, fight spam, and enhance the user experience

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How Instagram uses Machine Learning 

Instagram now uses machine learning to detect bullying within photos. Today Instagram announced a new set of anti-cyberbullying features. Most importantly, it can now use machine learning to optically scan photos posted to the app to detect bullying and send the post to Instagram’s community moderators for review 

One of the most important benefit from AI is Social Insights

AI tools are providing insights from your brand’s social media profiles. This often involves using the power of AI to analyze social media posts at scale, analyze the post and provide important information and so extract insights and from that info allows AI social media tools to help you track your global brand equity, find consumer trends, new target audiences, and potential customers. This helps to increase brand visibility and grow more. 

One thing you need to remember is the significance and importance of Data Annotation & Data Labeling as it’s the initial and one of the most important steps in AI-based projects 

Data Annotation & Data labeling + AI = Many number of benefits from Instagram for both users and business Promoters. 

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