Data Annotation

Data annotation is the process of labeling data to make it understandable for machine learning and it’s utmost necessary to have accurate sets for Machine Learning. Data annotation, an important step of data preprocessing in supervised learning. Machine Learning (ML) dictates a new approach to business – one that requires plenty of data. 

Learning Spiral creates high-quality training and validation data to enable automotive companies to develop with confidence computer vision and machine learning models that reliably and safely power autonomous vehicles.

Data Labeling tools

Know why autonomous companies prefer 3D annotation over 2D?

There are many reasons why Autonomous companies prefer 3D annotation but most importantly Autonomous vehicles can learn and understand the best scenario from 3D cuboid annotation that helps to recognize through 2D images or videos for precise detection of such objects. Cuboid annotated objects help to depict and describe the length, width, and approximate depth of objects. Through 3D cuboid annotation, self-driving cars can sense and know the distance of each object from the vehicle and measure the spacing avoiding the chances of collision with them.

3D point cloud annotation Services for Autonomous Vehicles

Learning Spiral, a data labeling company assists you in all 3D point cloud annotation Services for Autonomous Vehicles. We visualize, label and track objects across frames in 3D point clouds for all types of LiDARs. Visualizing the objects labeled in 3D point clouds for more precise detection and classification for right dimensions and tracking labels at high accuracy  that provides best results for   important autonomous projects. 

Learning Spiral, Data Labeling company with the vision to contribute towards the better future is partnering with some of the most innovative companies in computer vision, self-driving, natural language processing (NLP) space to help them label and annotate texts, images, and videos to build the training datasets effectively and efficiently to feed into their machine learning algorithms.

Offers high-quality Data annotation and Data Labeling services that provide potential to your Algorithms. And annotate data with utmost accuracy assisting the autonomous industry in many ways. 

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