Video annotation

Video Annotation 

Build comprehensively labeled video datasets with Learning Spiral suite of video annotation services. From object localization to video tracking, Learning Spiral has the experience and technology necessary to serve all of your video annotation needs. Video annotation is used for many important industries and major use cases.  

Talking about the importance of video annotation in AI and ML video annotation is used in capturing the object of interest frame-by-frame and making it recognizable to machines. Video annotation will provide an in-depth visual perception to autonomous vehicles recognizing the various types of objects like pedestrians, street lights, signboards, traffic lanes, signals, cyclists, and vehicles moving on the road and basically, Train machines in roads Learning spiral provides video annotation services to provide accurate data for self-driving cars. 

Machine Learning 

Presently, Machine Learning is being used by every industry for various reasons and usage purposes due to its ability to dive deep into the customer data and uncover insight about different trends and preferences, choices which allow future prediction and new angles of interaction between the two ends consumers and companies.

Data annotation including Video annotation is a very important task for machine learning because data scientists need to use clean, annotated data to train machine learning models. Data annotation is important in machine learning in many use cases. Data Annotation makes the work of the machine learning program much easier and accurate.

Video Annotation Increasing demand in these major industries E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Agriculture, Transportation & Logistics.

Video annotation also helps machines to recognize the objects through computer vision. Basically, the main motive of video annotation is to Capture each object in the video with frame-by-frame annotated lines making the moving objects recognizable for computers or machines.


Thus, Video annotation is one of the most important annotation types for both ML and AI-based projects. Data annotation including Video Annotation an important step of data preprocessing in supervised learning. Machine Learning (ML) dictates a new approach to business – one that requires plenty of data.