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Artificial Intelligence enhances the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing drastic changes in technical fields, where it can be implemented to automate the system for more efficiency and performance while we are quite unaware of how AI is making daily life easier and simpler than before,  AI and ML require many of Data annotation for tools to get proper results as AI is now being widely used in multiple fields from mobile phones including social media to preventing threats and responding to active attacks in real-time.  Accurate system work with efficiency to many E-commerce activities  AI is Used is some major fields like Automotive (Self-driving Cars), Virtual Assistant or Chatbots, CyberSecurity Manufacturing and Production, Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis  Agriculture, Retail E-Commerce and many more.

Below are some of the important things you need to know about AI 

1)  One thing you need to remember is the significance and importance of Data Annotation & Data Labeling as it’s the initial and one of the most important steps in AI-based projects 

         Data Annotation & Data labeling + AI = Accurate Training Datasets

2)  Machine Learning has become the main driver of AI adoption today.

3) Major trends are pushing AI forward – such as communications via Natural Language Processing

4) Bad AI can destroy businesses 

 Companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Facebook and Google warn that bad AI decisions can harm potential businesses.

5)  AI will keep on providing huge assistance in the Medical Science field with new and advanced techniques and make the work easier, faster, efficient, and effective. AI programs have already been developed and applied to the Diagnosis process, Drug Development, Treatment Personalisation. 

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6) AI is seen as a game-changer towards the development of self-driving cars. AI technology is hastening the development of self-driving cars. In fact, according to research by Google, AI-powered cars already surpass human drivers when it comes to safety, as AI with Data annotation and Data Labeling services + ML Algorithms allows self-driving cars to adapt immediately to changing conditions and learn from new situations. 

7) AI and Machine learning are being also used by companies as a powerful tool to accurately monitor millions of transactions minimizing the issues and various fraudulent activities. With the help of various data labeling services to run algorithms in a way to build an artificial intelligence engine that will keep on assisting the key goal of reducing the number of threats and enhancing security towards various retail and financial transactions. When it comes to fraud, cyber-criminals try their best to access customer accounts. Companies are using AI and machine learning to protect themselves from such attacks.  

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8) Researchers and many companies are developing and programming efficient robots to do and manage essential agricultural activities including one of the important task i.e. harvesting crops in larger quantities and saving time and energy.

9) Facial recognition technology is known to be Artificial Intelligence one of the main use cases and is also known to be the future due to its popularity in many industries like Cash counters, cybersecurity, etc. It will have major growth in 2021 with new enhance & reliable applications. 

10) AI-powered chatbots for every industry 

 For many industries especially e-commerce or the enterprise, retaining or understanding their users requires efficient and effective customer support. Chatbots are being also used in Medical and education and many other sectors for many important areas of work. There are many companies that make use of AI & machine learning to improve the customer support experience. One of the most important processes is Data annotation assigned to Data labeling companies to get accurate results and achieve goals and through AI and machine learning build a custom system that measures the sentiment of customer support inquiries and moves negative responses to the top of the support cue. Presently,  conversational “bots” are now trained to support requests without help from a human operator through machine-powered natural language processing. Chatbots boost customer satisfaction by responding faster to customers.

Concluding this article with an interesting FACT

By 2025, AI is expected to become a $60 billion dollar industry!

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