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Future of Transportation

With the autonomous technology becoming reality, Smart Car enables car rentals to remain at pace with the technology wave. It provides a unified platform where we can manage the entire fleet even as we add driverless cars one after the other. Smart future with smart cars as in today’s modern time’s Self-driving cars with AI-powered chatbots will provide notifications when they arrive at their scheduled destinations, respond to specific questions from customers and ensure proper payment upon completion of service. The technology isn’t here yet, but according to some experts, it’s not very far to reach us. And so many companies are already exploring the idea of driverless with the help of data labeling companies and the companies working in machine learning and AI domain with a goal to provide proper data labeling and data annotation services to accurately train dataset for machine learning algorithms. 

The Future of AI-Powered Cars

Although the relation of self-driving cars technology is nearly inevitable at this point, as of now AI isn’t quite efficient enough to be trusted completely when so many human lives are on the line. While there is still a lot of development and testing to be performed in the future. 


Here are some benefits of Smart Cars towards Smart Future 

  • Safety 

With smart cars, there’ll be fewer chances of accidents and the chatbots will be helpful by keeping the passengers updated about the route they’re traveling through and giving them the accurate time at which they will reach their destination and it will be able to provide any information required by the passenger. 

  • Reduced Traffic Congestion

The continuous use of maps and GPS directs the smart car to choose the path that takes the minimum traffic route for the passengers and helps to reduce the traffic problems in various cities. It also helps in a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing. 

  • Greater Independence

Full automation offers more personal freedom. People with disabilities, like the blind, or the handicaps are able to hit the road with self-sufficiency, and highly automated vehicles can help them live the life they want.

These vehicles can also enhance independence for seniors.

  •   More Productivity 

In a fully automated vehicle, all occupants could safely pursue more productive or entertaining activities, like responding to email or watching a movie and it saves time and make the traveling more productive 

  • Environmental Gains 

 Fewer traffic jams save fuel and reduce greenhouse gases from needless idling. Automation and car-sharing may spur more demand for all types of electric vehicles. When the vehicle is used more hours a day through car-sharing, any up-front battery costs could be shared also, increasing the economic appeal of electric cars. This is one of the major and need of the hour gains. 

Learning Spiral with the vision to contribute towards the better future is partnering with some of the most innovative companies in computer vision, self-driving, natural language processing (NLP) space to help them label and annotate texts, images, and videos to build the training datasets effectively and efficiently to feed into their machine learning algorithms.