The Pandemic has surely accelerated the application of AI & ML in the medical sector. Some of the main use cases are virus surveillance, diagnosis, treatment personalisation, drug development and AI-powered robots etc. 

AI & data labeling services have been developed and applied to 

1)  Diagnosis Process

2) Drug Development 

3) Treatment Personalisation

Data Labeling & AI for the Diagnosis process

As we all know, it takes years of medical training to diagnose diseases. Also, Diagnostics take a lot of time so to minimize this time  AI & data labeling come into the picture. AI with data labeling services diagnosis can play a vital role in pathology by accurately identifying rare objects in the body. Basically, ML  particularly Deep Learning algorithms, has recently made huge advances in automatically diagnosing diseases in a very efficient and effective manner and also it has made the diagnostics process cost effective. AI with data labeling services has made things easier for both doctors & patients. 

Data Labeling & AI in Drug Development

AI with data labeling services is being widely used in the development of various kinds of medicines and drugs. Many AI & ML algorithms are being run to understand many types of diseases and viruses and then provide that necessary information to those who are developing the treatments for the following problems. That way it has become a very helpful application in the medical sector. 

Data Labeling & AI in Treatment Personalisation

As we all know different patients respond to medications differently and the Solutions that are assisted by AI and Data labeling services are personalized treatments to help the doctors to analyse and also help patients to live longer and in a healthy way. Machine learning and data labeling services can easily automate this complicated task. So the ML algorithm can forecast a patient’s probable response to a particular treatment. This process helps to compare the treatment and then Doctors can make proper decisions for the treatment process accordingly.  

Medical images labeled or marked with certain techniques are called the image annotation that is done by data labeling company professionals to annotate the problem area in a medical image and outline the same with coloured boxes, circles, or lines making it easily recognizable for computer vision.
Some of the examples on how data labeling services, ML & AI help medical sector are Artificial intelligence semantic segmentation can be used in liver and brain diagnosis, Also, Polygon annotation can be used in dentistry & Bounding boxes in kidney stones;

Thus, Data labeling is one of the most important and initial tasks of ML & AI projects. So, Data Labeling services play a very important role in the Medical sector Under data annotation, Medical image data annotation supports detecting and interpreting the changes in medical images. It helps the healthcare professionals to make better decisions on time. Hence it helps to save time and achieve the aim with minimal errors and discrepancies and so improves the accuracy of the healthcare sector.