Some of the Major uses cases of AI in the entertainment industry are as follows: 

  1. Data Labeling & AI use in Gaming Industry 

AI and data annotation services make a major difference in achieving technical goals in many fields including the gaming industry. Through data labeling services, we get better results and are provided with advanced techniques and tools to make impossible things possible. Well established Video game creators are working on these two majors to bring players into the worlds of games. 

  1. AI & Data Annotation use in Subtitle Generation 

These days for proper rotation of content in different regions and different parts of the world.  Multilingual subtitles for video content is very necessary and so AI and data annotation services come into the picture as manually writing subtitles for multiple shows and movies in many languages may take hundreds or even thousands of hours and proper human translators can also be prone to errors. To eradicate these problems media companies are appointing AI-based technologies like natural language processing and natural language generation that provide accurate and effective results in the generation of subtitles in many languages. 

  1. AI & Data Annotation use in Netflix & Amazon Prime to Find Your Next Binge

Streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs is highly dependent upon AI to provide recommendations by your past viewing history to deliver suggestions for what you might want to watch (including genres). Its tool gets as specific as what time of day you were watching and what you traditionally like during that time frame. In fact, 80% of what we’re watching is driven by Netflix’s recommendations. And so it will be hard to imagine any of our days without the help of AI.

AI & ML dictates a new approach to business – one that requires plenty of data and then where Data annotation comes to the picture and is an indispensable stage of data preprocessing in supervised learning. AI is a very crucial task for ML because data scientists need to use clean, annotated and labeled data to train various important machine learning models. Learning spiral, a data labeling company has a workforce with a diverse set of skills and the ability to deliver data annotation and data labeling services at scale. We have a rich history of 15+ years of handling sensitive data on a large scale. 

Unstructured Data – Data Labeling services or Data Annotation – Train machines – Run algorithms – Accurate results for Entertainment Industry

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