Data Labeling

Labeled Data 

Labeled data is a group of samples that have been tagged with one or more labels. Labeling typically takes a set of unlabeled data and augments each piece of that unlabeled data with meaningful tags that are informative. Under machine learning, if you have labeled data, that means your data is marked up or annotated, to show the target, which is the answer you want your machine learning model to predict. In general, data labeling means tasks that include data tagging, annotation, classification, moderation, transcription, or processing.


Machines need labeled data to make the AI system and the results from algorithms more accurate. Also, Machine learning needs proper datasets and model machines to learn much accurately to assist humans to achieve their goal and this is what machine learning is used for. Data annotation & labeling is done to create the training data sets for ML. Data labeling helps machines to learn certain patterns and correlate the results, and then use the data sets to recognize similar patterns in the future to predict the results. Humans are powering machine learning by data labeling, to train ML algorithms and the important & these important functions are assisted by professionals working in a Data Labeling company that ensures that data is accurately labeled for best results in the AI system. 

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Labeled Data + Machine Learning = Strong AI system for every business & industry 

The role of a data labeler

Data labeling enables machines to gain an accurate understanding of real-world conditions and opens up opportunities for a wide variety of businesses and industries. Data labeling is the process of detecting and tagging unstructured data to structured datasets. The process is performed by data labeler Labeling of data is difficult because the computer system has many limitations. Therefore, the need for algorithms to learn based on the dataset provided which also requires supervision and that’s the major role of Data Labeler  Basically, Machine Learning i.e. supervised machine learning. It is called so because computers need human supervision in order to get trained to execute tasks that can be challenging for machine learning, but easy for humans i.e. A DATA LABELER 

Data Labeler specializes in providing reliable and high-quality training data sets for Machine Learning/  and Artificial Intelligence


Thus, Data Labeler is one of the most important roles in AI-based projects and Data Labeling is the initial step to make the process of annotation, ML algorithms, and then, of course, RESULTS to be accurate and reliable.  Learning Spiral, Data Labeling company offers Data Annotation and Data Labeling services. We can help bridge the gap between machines and humans with our reliable Data Labeling and Data annotation services. Empower your algorithm with our human data labeling. One-stop Data Labeling and Annotation Service Provider.