Data annotation company

The examples of advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in abundance around us. From seeing AI data solutions in sectors like manufacturing to finding amazing AI tools in the education sector, the one factor powering this phenomenon is Data Annotation. 

Data annotation refers to the training artificial intelligence receives while preparing for a particular task. Without accurate annotation of data, a machine learning program would be factually incorrect and unable to complete its denoted task successfully. Data annotation includes pointing out each image, text, audio as well as video elements present in the data being utilized for machine learning training. This means that every single element present in an image, from cars to people, are annotated with their identities and other characteristics. These factors help AI programs in recognising the same elsewhere and give the correct output.

Some of the factors that make data annotation the most significant step in training an AI program:

  1. Data annotation not only provides data to machine learning for training. The data given has to be of high quality, relevant, and more than sufficient to handle all aspects of the many problems a program can come across. AI is self-sufficient to do the rest, if the annotated data is enough.
  2. The main speciality of artificial intelligence is to provide human-like solutions and make interactions feel real. This can only be possible if all the possible patterns in data, say an image or a text, are covered properly. For this, in-depth annotation of data is required.
  3. Nicely performed data annotation allows an AI to distinguish successfully between two different entities with similar features. This is the reason why developers look for a well-established data annotation company to train their AI. You don’t want your AI to show an apple (fruit) when asked for Apple (tech company) products. 

There are many more segments where data annotation plays an important role in providing absolute AI data solutions. Learn more about data annotation and its many possibilities by visiting Learning Spiral AI.