Data Annotation

Machine learning currently is transforming the way we live our lives and also including our healthcare industry where having fast access to accurate data is important for the patient’s health. Machine learning is the science of programming computers to learn for themselves. By taking in large amounts of data and learning to recognize patterns, computers can make fairly accurate predictions and include many tasks that support healthcare through machine learning. 

Many providers are learning how to use data and analytics as they adopt strategies that aim to improve the health of entire communities.

Let’s take a look at how healthcare companies are using machine learning to provide the best services to both doctors and patients.

Proper Management Of Medical Records 

Healthcare is an industry where there is a huge amount of data consisting of present and previous records of the patient’s prescriptions, medical history, medicinal details, treatment process, etc. and it’s hard to remember everything individually, also managing whole data manually is a quite challenging process and leads to many mistakes. Machine learning and AI robots have made this management very easy by storing, reformatting and tracking the data at a very quick rate. Under manual processes keeping all the prescriptions or medical paper works can easily be misplaced to work around these challenges and improve these mistakes companies are developing healthcare technology platforms to integrate the manual process with Digitization the process of converting prescription and other information to into a digital format to make the healthcare system accurate and effective.

Cybersecurity in hospitals 

Healthcare industry has a lot of confidential information about various patients and medicines etc and this confidential information needs protection from cyber attacks. The data leak or misuse of data can cause harm to both patients as well as healthcare centers. And it’s quite possible for the hospital cybersecurity teams to look out for every threat to their systems. Machine learning can help cybersecurity teams to figure out every potential attack or risk to data. The algorithm can also rank them based on their priority and present it to the team.

 Medical imaging & Diagnostics assistance

Medical imaging has brought major changes in providing healthcare services by providing a better picture of various abnormalities. But sometimes, the abnormalities are so small that a human eye would not be able to detect them.  Machines are demonstrably better at recognizing anomalies in x-ray photos with doctors not being able to detect such abnormality can even cost a patient’s life and this assistance by machine learning and AI is one of the major support to healthcare systems. 

Assigned Healthcare Chatbots

Chatbots are replacing phone call-based customer service in many fields of work including Healthcare. It helps patients to solve their queries faster and easily. It provides 24/7 customer services to patients. ChatBots also help to schedule appointments and make the health care system more strong, effective and efficient. 

Learning spiral has a workforce with a diverse set of skills and the ability to deliver data annotation and data labeling at scale. We have a rich history of 15+ years of handling sensitive data on a large scale. Your Data is our responsibility. Data annotation is one of the important tasks of AI and Machine learning whereas Machine Learning is playing an extremely important role in supporting the healthcare system. Some of the major use cases are training Healthcare Chatbots, Medical imaging & Diagnostics assistance, Cybersecurity in hospitals & Proper Management Of Medical Records.