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Computer vision is a field of study that seeks to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content of digital images such as photographs and videos. Our work in Computer Vision & Machine Learning powers innovation in areas of various sectors through Accurate & high quality labeled Data from our Professional & well-trained annotators. Computer Vision Use-Cases: Image Classification, Object Detection, Video Analytics, Image Segmentation, Facial Recognition, Emotion Analysis. 

Computer vision technology is very highly significant and dynamic and it’s been selected by many industries in many different ways. The difference is some use cases happen behind the more visible or some are not. Many of the use cases of computer vision fall into the following clusters:


Computer vision helps the automotive industry in many ways it offers a platform and We generate accurate and diverse annotations on the datasets to train, validate, and test algorithms related to autonomous vehicles. Motion analysis for driver assistance to self-driving cars and automated car renting apart from these Cars now watch whether the driver is active or tired, closes their eyes, fatigued, etc. to prevent the number of car accidents and increase safety on the road. Computer vision covers it all. 

Financial Services

Under Computer vision, we offer some impactful and helpful services in the financial sector.  New customers could get a bank account within minutes by uploading a photo of their ID and a selfie. Computer vision technology to analyze the photos. Support in banking and insurance range from fraud control, KYC processing, data extraction, customer experience and more.



Computers won’t completely replace healthcare personnel. But Computer vision helps medical professionals in saving their valuable time on basic tasks and also saving patients’ lives. There is a good possibility to complement routine diagnostics that require a lot of time and expertise of human physicians. This way computers serve as a helping tool for the healthcare personnel. It’s estimated that healthcare related data is tripled every year and that’s where data annotation comes into picture to handle and analyze huge amounts of data and to provide qualitative results for algorithms. Also AI to analyze three-dimensional radiological images, assisting doctors in surgeries. The technology potentially can make the process 40 times quicker and suggest the most effective treatments


In modern times, Computer vision is used for a wide variety of security purposes and seeing to the growth of computer vision in Security purposes and importance working on developing advanced security systems using computer vision technologies. Today, security systems are able to detect, track, and notify people about many upcoming major issues and problems in which places, locations and much more.  Also, a few Computer Vision based security applications are data that has been annotated by us for development of algorithms used for securing building facilities, railroads (Objects on railroad, and red signal detection), and roads.


Agriculture is one of the most popular and significant  sectors for Computer vision. Applications of Computer Vision for assessing Quality of Agricultural-food Products and specifically, computer vision systems are feasible for classifying food products into specific grades, detecting all defects, and also knowing properties such as color, shape, size, surface defects, etc. 

It has become an important part of accurate yield mapping, yield estimation, disease detection, crop management, and harvesting, soil analysis technologies and much more. 


  • Fully Supervised

To monitor labeling progress in Supervision every client is assigned a project manager with 

Effective & efficient management skills. 

  • High-quality

High Quality Training Data to Accelerate AI and Machine Learning. We provide Data annotation services and maintain the best in class accuracy with well-trained workers & the right tools for Highest-quality annotation of text, images, audio & video data for complex models. 

  • Customized & Scalable

Team size can be scaled up or down back as per your needs. Tell us about your Data needs and we will build a customized and dedicated team that fits you perfectly for Data Annotation / Data labeling.

  • Data Security 

 We’re certified to handle the most sensitive and highly regulated data and Every member of our team signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement to establish a confidential relationship. 

We extract meaningful data from real world images & videos Our trained teams can help meet requirements for: Bounding Box Annotation, Polygon Annotation, Keypoint & Skeletal Annotation, Semantic segmentation and Geospatial imaging. We are here to Scale your machine learning program quickly and improve user experiences with high-quality, human-annotated data. We understand the challenges in deep learning, images and video processing and are equipped with the skills to deliver the best solution.

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