Image annotation services

Data annotation consists, text annotation, image annotation, and video annotation using the various techniques as per the project requirements and machine learning algorithms compatibility. Data annotation is done to create the training data sets for AI and ML while image annotation is a very important type of image annotation. A task of marking and outlining objects and entities on an image and offering various keywords to classify it which is readable for machines. 

Presently, Image annotation is growing very fast as image annotation is a very important task as this data helps to create accurate datasets that help computer vision models work in a real-world scenario and get effective results. We annotate & tag images with respective labels & keywords for easy and accurate categorization & help you in creating your customized image annotation services. 

How Image Annotation Work?

The main three requirements


Professional to annotate the images

The best platform in which we annotate an image 

There are different types and techniques of image annotation is used to label images, so that objects become recognizable to machines through computer vision.

Types of Image Annotations Used Bounding Box, Polygon Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, and Geospatial imaging

Different types of image annotations are used to label image datasets, depending on the industry and algorithms 

Image Tagging &  Annotation work
We annotate images for every industry with proper keywords for proper classification. The image tagging process includes labeling or keywording images based on figures within a certain picture. It helps to makes images on websites more searchable through keywords pertaining to that photo. 

Bounding Box and Annotation
Bounding boxes for object detection, classification, and localization in images and videos. Bounding box annotation is basically used to train algorithms to detect the various objects on the streets like lanes, traffic, potholes, signals, and other objects and that makes the process accurate. 

Semantic Image Annotation

Semantic Segmentation is a classic Computer Vision problem which involves taking as input some raw data (2D, 3D images) and label the regions of interest highlighted. Semantic segmentation is the process of clustering various parts of images together belonging to the same object class. Leverage our fully-managed human-powered pixel-level image segmentation and annotation to build pixel-perfect semantic segmentation tasks at scale.

Geospatial imaging

Geospatial imagery encompasses aerial, drone imagery, satellite images. We help them built-in image analysis to assess and make business-critical decisions about their business. Whether that be their mapping farm, construction site, mine, real estate project, roof or crop insurance, disaster recovery situation, or forest.

Polygon annotation

Human-powered polygon annotation for both irregularly shaped and coarse object training data in images. Our annotators help to detect the exact shape of an object by drawing pixel-perfect polygons to meet your specifications.

Image Annotation Increasing demand in these major industries 

  • E-Commerce 
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation & Logistics

Image annotation & tagging services are becoming an essential part of companies across various industries. Organizing images or pictures easy management of image categorization, and matching images as per requirements are some of the merits of image tagging & annotation services. Image data annotation services unlock diverse insights underlying visual data. image annotation provides an invaluable source of training data for machine learning tools. 

With AI and ML trending,  under which main services involved is Data annotation including image annotation, We know the importance of high-quality Data and so provide accurate services with the finest quality that helps us teach your machines to see the world as we do

The role of image annotation is becoming increasingly important in the context of alhowgorithms that allow for efficient access and retrieval of images from large datasets. Once the images are annotated accurately they are feed into the algorithms to train the model and get accurate results. 

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