Image annotation services

Image Annotation is the task of marking and outlining objects and entities on an image and offering various keywords to classify it which is readable for machines. We annotate & tag images with corresponding labels & keywords for easy categorization & help in creating your customized terminology for object tagging. Currently, Image annotation & tagging services are becoming an essential part of companies across various industries. Also, Image Annotation is an important step in creating computer vision models. 

Machine learning is basically about the science of giving computers the ability to learn and it is being used daily in our lives through various significant applications such as self-driving cars, speech recognition, searches, and recommendations. Also, Machine learning is one of the most significant tech trends. It seems that AL and ML algorithms are presently being used in as many kinds of software applications as possible. In order to evolve, develop and maintain those patterns there is a lot of rich data required. Rich data means labeled and annotated data provided by data labeling companies and So, Data Annotation and data labeling services are very important for AI-based projects. 

Know-How Does Image Annotation Work?

The main three main requirements for image annotation: 

  1. Images
  2. One of the best platforms in which we annotate an image 
  3. Professional annotators to annotate the images

Following are the various types of image annotation used to label images so that objects become recognizable to machines through computer vision. 

Different Types of Image Annotations used are as follows: 

  1. Bounding Box
  2. Geospatial imaging
  3. Polygon Annotation
  4. Semantic Segmentation

Image Annotation Increasing demand in these major industries Know 

Following are the major industries that are growing through image annotation services, AI & ML 

  1. Healthcare
  2. Financial
  3. Agriculture
  4. Transportation & Logistics
  5. E-Commerce 
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Automotive
  8. Retail
  9. Cybersecurity 
  10. Banking 
  11. Entertainment 
  12. Real Estate 

Thus, Image annotation is one of the most important annotation types for both ML and AI-based projects.  Learning Spiral, a data labeling company provides data annotation and data labeling services including qualitative LiDAR Annotation & Image Annotation services.