Semantic Segmentation

Deep Learning 

Artificial Intelligence in Facebook

Deep learning is helping Facebook draw value from a larger portion of its unstructured datasets created by almost 2 billion people updating their statuses 293,000 times per minute. Most of its deep learning technology is built on the Torch framework that focuses on deep learning technologies and neural networks.

Text Analysis 

One of the most useful tools used by Facebook is Deeptext  Deep Text uses unsupervised machine learning to understand humans and interpret what they say. Deeptext, which decodes the meaning of the content posted to find the relative meaning.

Facebook then helps brands to generate leads with this tool by directing people to advertisers based on the conversations they are having. It offers user-related shopping or service posts to potential customers.  It acts as a linking tool between sellers and customers and is very beneficial for both the parties. 

Data categorization service


Facebook users are spread around the world and more than half do not speak English. To eradicate the communication barriers the Applied Machine Learning team built an AI-based automatic translation system that helps millions of people every month see translated posts in their News Feed.

In 2011, Facebook announced the launch of a new translation tool powered by Microsoft Bing. Translate that lets users select to view Page posts in their native language.  Hence, translation is a very important element that is taken care of by AI.

Facial Recognition & Tagging 

Facebook works with an App called DeepFace to recognize people in photos. Basically, it’s an image recognition tool and a very successful one. Automatic tagging in pictures: once the faces are detected, another system (such as DeepFace) will search for similarities and automatically tag your friends. 

Detect illegal content 

AI helps Facebook to detect illegal content like nudity, violence, terrorism, and suicide prevention. Facebook also reports spam and fake accounts take action against them. 

Reporting of fake accounts helps to provide security to its users. 

The effect of Artificial Intelligence is all around the world. We interact with AI technology every single day from smartphones to social media sites including one of the most important FACEBOOK. AI is being used by Facebook in many ways to make sure their users are happy and satisfied with new and useful functions. Marketers who use AI tools have an immense competitive advantage over the ones who do not utilize this technology. Hence, AI with the help of Data Annotation & Data Labeling services in social media not only increases the revenue of an organization, but it also provides a safer environment for its users.