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DIGITAL PUBLISHING: It means using online technology to digitize print material and disseminate it through electronic devices. E-publishers are experts at their craft, creating editorial content and distributing it online to: Reach mobile and global audiences.

We are proud to be one of the leading Digital Publishing Solution providers in India by serving our clients beyond their expectations with a technology-driven approach towards providing innovative, fast, error-free services. Our Digital Publishing services are grounded in effective, tested Internet marketing strategies and solutions designed to help you establish a sustainable, intuitive, results-driven Internet presence. 

Data labeling company


Apart from various industries like medical, e-commerce, and automobile AI has also changed the face of digital publishing. AI can increase the overall capacity to publish quality work by analyzing text, for detecting plagiarism, and many more tasks. AI also provide great assistance to social media platforms and websites, deciding the best times to publish a specific content piece, based on the target audience and various other factors. Also, help to deliver content to their audience much more effectively with the use of AI. It will help to efficiently organize and manage content on various platforms, which was a major problem due to the unstructured nature of audio and video data.

Digital Publishing Services 

Our Digital publishing services include Scanning of Old Documents & Books, Digitization and Preservation of Archival, Data Entry, Double Keying & OCR, HTML/XML/SGML Tagging, TEX/LaTeX Coding, Structuring for Web/Publishing – HTML/XML/CML/MathML, eBooks, Multi-lingual Conversion Capabilities across European languages other than English: Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, Creation of Animation Videos & Digital Illustrations. 

Pre- Publishing Services 

Our Pre-publishing services include Production Workflow Management, Expertise in XML/SGML first typesetting workflows to handle jobs of varying complexities, Template Creation, Cover Page design & Graphics Origination, Developed & implemented customized XML workflows in major pagination software (InDesign and LaTeX, Pagination of 1, 2 and 4-color jobs with a complicated layout and highly design-oriented titles, Editorial, Proofreading & Quality Assurance Services. 

Why Choose Us? 

  • Expansive Portfolio of Offerings

Providing the right set of capabilities for the right opportunities at the right time.

  • Global Delivery and Engagement Models

Our unique business model for sustainable delivery of high quality, cost-effective services around the Globe while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

  • Infrastructure

Best-in-class development centers, production facilities across multiple locations to ensure business continuity and client expectation management

  • Innovation as a culture

Creating a competitive edge for the customers and the organization through innovation and continual improvements

 With a rich basket of technology-driven content solutions, Learning Spiral, Data Labeling company providing digital publishing services supports the vibrant publishing industry to its core. With a workforce of over 350 employees, Learning Spiral is serving global customers from three delivery centers from Kolkata. By combining upgraded technology with a unique proven approach towards service, Learning Spiral can provide you the best value business for e-publishing and overall digitization of e-books, journals, reference works, catalogs, magazines, and other content products with faster time to publish and lower production cost.

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