Data Annotation

Data Labeling includes the text, images, and videos to label the content of the object of interest in the images while ensuring the accuracy to make sure it can be recognized by the machines through computer vision. Annotation in Machine Learning is the process of labeling the data, which could be in the form of text, video, images, or audio. Image annotation supports to make images readable for computer vision, computers use the annotated data to learn to recognize similar patterns when presented with new data.

Presently, Image annotation & labeling is growing very fast as image annotation is a very important task as this data helps to create accurate datasets that help computer vision models work in a real-world scenario and get effective results. We annotate & tag images with respective labels & keywords for easy and accurate categorization & help you in creating your customized image annotation services.

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Bounding box Annotation & Labeling
Bounding boxes are imaginary boxes that are around objects that are being checked for collision, like pedestrians on or close to the road, other vehicles, and signs. There is a 2D coordinate system and a 3D coordinate system that are both being used. Bounding boxes are the most common type of image annotation. As it sounds like, the labeler has to draw a box around the objects of interest based on specific requirements. Object localization and object detection models can be trained using bounding boxes. Bounding boxes for object detection, classification, and localization in images and videos. Bounding box annotation is basically used to train algorithms to detect the various objects on the streets like lanes, traffic, potholes, signals, and other objects and that makes the process accurate.

Semantic Image Annotation & Labeling
Semantic Segmentation is a classic Computer Vision problem which involves taking as input some raw data (2D, 3D images) and label the regions of interest highlighted. Semantic segmentation is the process of clustering various parts of images together belonging to the same object class. Leverage our fully-managed human-powered pixel-level image segmentation and annotation to build pixel-perfect semantic segmentation tasks at scale.

Basically, Computer vision a field of study that seeks to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content of digital images such as photographs and videos and Our work in Computer Vision & Machine Learning powers innovation in the area of various sectors through Accurate & high quality labeled Data from our Professional & well-trained annotators.

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