Data Annotation

Data annotation is an indispensable stage of data preprocessing in supervised learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) dictate a new approach to business – one that requires plenty of data. It’s a crucial task for machine learning because data scientists need to use clean, annotated, organized data sets to train machine learning models.

Our data annotation team is capable of drawing bounding boxes, cuboids, polygon, picture classification/ tagging, text annotation, image masking annotation, data annotation & labeling, 2D & 3D annotation, Semantic segmentation, 3D LIDAR Annotation, autonomous vehicle, tagging of aerial view pictures, drone technology, contour annotation, etc. 

Data annotation tools market growth is supported by the growing trend of leveraging AI technologies for document categorization and classification. Annotated text data enables enterprises in streamlining workflows, minimizing delays, and eliminating bottlenecks caused due to manual document classification.

Know why Data annotation is important in most machine learning projects and the newest trend in tech?.

Data annotation is playing a major role in trendy and upcoming Driverless Cars 

Data annotation and Computer vision help the automotive industry in many ways it offers a platform were we generate accurate and diverse annotations on the datasets to train, validate, and test algorithms related to autonomous vehicles. Motion analysis for driver assistance to self-driving cars and automated car renting apart from these Cars now watch whether the driver is active or tired, closes their eyes, fatigued, etc. to prevent the number of car accidents and increase safety on the road. Computer vision covers it all. Smart future with smart cars as in today’s modern time’s Self-driving cars with AI-powered chatbots will provide notifications when they arrive at their scheduled destinations, respond to specific questions from customers, and ensure proper payment upon completion of service. The technology isn’t here yet, but according to some experts, it’s not very far to reach us. So are the newest trend in tech. Many companies are already exploring the idea of driverless with the help of data labeling companies and the companies working in machine learning and AI domain with a goal to provide proper data labeling and data annotation services to accurately train dataset for machine learning algorithms

  • Data annotation role in using Trendiest voice assistants like Siri and Alexa

In today’s time, the assistants we are provided by Siri and Alexa are very trendy and helpful in many numbers of ways getting us reminders about things to inquiring about the weather

These tools from Siri and Alexa use natural language processing and generators driven by AI to return answers to you. Through Data annotation and AI solutions,  many voice assistants like Google’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri are some best assistants. Voice assistants are the new tools allowing users to communicate.  In modern times technology is growing and no doubt making the user experience more engaging and excellent. The voice assistant is here for smooth user experience in real-time, and so Data annotation and AI is making our daily life so efficient and trendy. 

Data annotation major role in Security 

In modern times, Computer vision is used for a wide variety of security purposes and seeing to the growth of computer vision in Security purposes and importance working on developing advanced security systems using computer vision technologies and advanced data annotation services provided by Data labeling company. Today, security systems are able to detect, track, and notify people about many upcoming major issues and problems in which places, locations, and much more.  

Data annotation role in personalized Google search engine

Every day,  Every person is highly dependent upon searching Google for an answer or a product and it’s a habit that’s very hard to live without. In modern times Search engines couldn’t scan the entire internet and deliver what you want without the assistance of artificial intelligence-enabled by AI, are based on your search history, and are personalized to you with the goal of getting items in front of you that the algorithms believe you will value. Artificial Intelligence and data annotation help search engines match their needs and manage the various tools regarding the same. Through annotated data, AI is getting smarter, efficient, and effective and has made us very dependable. 

Data annotation is helping to provide a better user experience 

Through accurate & annotated data used in machine learning algorithms, the whole user experience becomes efficient, effective, and more seamless. Virtual assistant devices or 

Chatbots have the ability to provide users with accurate answers. And so Machine learning-based trained AI models give a totally unique experience for end-users. 

Upcoming and trendy Automation systems are only going to make our lives easier. We use AI to automate repetitive tasks and use it to comb through thousands of datasets to find patterns quickly which would otherwise be hard and time taking to do manually. We Humans’ are currently standing at the beginning of the AI era. Let’s wait and watch more upcoming trends in data annotation and AI system 

Learning Spiral is here to Empower your algorithm with our human data labeling. Our ISO 27000 certified facilities are equipped to handle the most secure data, and our training data expertise helps reduce ramp time and increase quality.  Learning spiral has a workforce with a diverse set of skills and the ability to deliver data annotation and data labeling at scale. We have a rich history of 15+ years of handling sensitive data on a large scale. Your Data our responsibility Pick the best Data Annotation company for computer vision and NLP services while saving money and time! 

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