Training data for AI

Computer Vision 

Computer vision a field of study that seeks to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content of digital images such as photographs and videos and Our work in Computer Vision & Machine Learning powers innovation in the area of various sectors through Accurate & high quality labeled Data from our Professional & well-trained annotators. 

Unlock security system with COMPUTER VISION 

In modern times, Computer vision is used for a wide variety of security purposes and seeing to the growth of computer vision in Security purposes and importance working on developing advanced security systems using computer vision technologies. Today, security systems are able to detect, track, and notify people about many upcoming major issues and problems in which places, locations, and much more.  Also, a few Computer Vision-based security applications are data that has been annotated by us for the development of algorithms used for securing building facilities, railroads (Objects on the railroad, and red signal detection), and roads.

Computer Vision used for Video Cameras for Face Recognition

Many researchers together have introduced a digital face-recognition system to protectively manage and control security checkpoints through new technology. This type of system is very beneficial for banks cash counters to avoid all danger and risks  The system uses special digital cameras to scan the faces of people approaching a security gate. Algorithms process patterns of light distribution and the patterns are then compared to the facial “fingerprints” in the system’s database. Approved faces are cleared for access, and all others are rejected. 

Computer vision helps to conclude actions through a sequence of images or video 

Under Computer vision, we get the assistance of digitizing specific events, times, and locations, and can use this data to track a particular behavior to enhance security and take actions according to the same and make our life simple and secure. Computer vision does the transformation through a sequence of images or video efficiently & effectively to draw out appropriate or immediate action whenever required. 

Computer vision provides security through FACE ID advanced technology 

Presently, when your device gets unlocked using biometrics such as with face ID, it’s using artificial intelligence and computer vision to enable that functionality. It lights up your face and places 30,000 invisible infrared dots on it and captures an image. It then uses machine learning algorithms to compare the scan of your face with what it has stored about your face to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you or not. So this significant function FACE ID advanced technology in our smartphones is totally dependent upon AI and computer vision and so we are. It helps in the security of mobile phone data from any illegal practices when stolen or lost. 

Computer vision provides accurate and significant risk reduction tools, helpful information, and also helps security personnel to more effective and efficient at their jobs through advanced computer vision and AI systems. Computer vision can help digitize specific events, records, times, and locations, and can use this data to track behavior. For example, a camera in a retail store can track employee activity in real-time, alert when a new customer enters or exits the store, and track their journey. This information can not only be used to detect loitering outside the stores and reduce shoplifting, but it can also provide actionable insights for improving traffic flow and placing merchandise.

About the Organization 

Our affordable Data annotation services provided by trained in-house dedicated professionals will ensure high quality labeled data to meet your needs that will also help to make the security system more strong & secure. Our work in Computer Vision & Machine Learning powers innovation in areas of various sectors through Accurate & high quality labeled Data from our Professional & well-trained annotators. Computer Vision Use-Cases: Image Classification, Object Detection, Video Analytics, Image Segmentation, Facial Recognition, Emotion Analysis.  Computer vision technology is very highly significant and dynamic and it’s been selected by many industries in many different ways most importantly for security. 

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