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While the innovation of technology has greatly improved our significant medical and scientific studies, it has also proven that we need fewer human beings to help with many of the jobs of today in the future. And there are many jobs that might soon be done by robots. The question is Can Robots take away Human jobs in the future? And the answer is quite clear that:

Yes, robots will replace humans for many jobs, in the same way as many manual procedures have been replaced by new technology performed by the technical ones through various tools and software. However, before the new changes that will lead the robot to do many human jobs, human efforts are required in large amounts to create and work to develop these models to change the future. 

Robots and AI can simply do many types of jobs faster, accurately, and more efficiently than humans. In order to have a productive future, experts suggest humans and robots need to work together with each other. Robots need to do jobs that can be automated, and humans need to do jobs that require a personal or creative touch.

Jobs that could be replaced by robots in the future 

Be it any mechanized robots (whether humanoid or drone-shaped) and artificially intelligent software programs, are predicted to eliminate many jobs in the near future. 

Telemarketing Jobs 

Seeing the present technology and models It’s assumed by researchers that telemarketers can be replaced by robots. Telemarketers’ resources will no longer be in need as computers will be programmed to make phone calls, solve queries and inquire about opinions on various requirements, surveys, and other questionnaires and in many other areas of work. 

Shipping and Courier Services

Shipping and courier services are expected to be wholly managed and handled by people by programmed computers and robots. Couriers and delivery people are already being partially replaced by drones and robots, so it’s only a matter of time that this area of work will be replaced by robots soon. 

Cab, Bus or Truck drivers 

As we all know many automotive companies’ efforts are being directed towards Driverless cars and they’re already being tested on public streets in some U.S. states. It has also been concluded that They’re better than human drivers in just about every way as they don’t get sleepy, and they don’t get distracted. That means cab driver jobs can be replaced by robots in the future. 


The new software makes accounting easier, efficient and effective. Every business, automating their accounting needs is a preferred approach rather than an expensive accountant. Researchers have come across many professional accountants to do-it-yourself software solutions but still there are a number of situations where human accountants will still be preferred, but most organizations will be perfectly happy to automate it as much as possible. 

Data Entry Work

Data entry work done by individuals at their offices is most likely to be taken over by Robots.  Robots are likely to be programmed in a manner to take over traditional data entry work and do all its tasks, making it miserable for individuals who have years of experience in the data entry work.

Libraries Incharge 

Library technicians may no longer be required because of the implementation of automated systems to manage all the books available and also individuals who are using their library card. 

Because of automated systems Libraries may function in a more high-tech manner, with all the process becoming digital without the need for an actual professional library technician available to help and support readers who visit libraries more often. 

There are many jobs that will soon be replaced by robots and other machines but there will also be many openings for new jobs in technology to train those automated systems, employees for data annotation, training datasets, training ml algorithms, and tools professionals.  Data annotation is done to create the training data sets for AI and ML and there are many jobs for this as well. 

Researchers suggest every person who isn’t at risk of being displaced should expand their skills. People should always learn with the motive to expand their skill sets. This can be also done by taking online seminars, online courses and can get certification for the same. 

AI and robots are the inevitable future. They will play a role in everyone’s future jobs, whether that means they make it easier, effective, efficient, or replacing it. BE ACTIVE to learn new things & BE UPDATED with technology. 


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