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Audio Annotation

Develop, calibrate, and improve voice-enabled applications with our audio annotation services. 

With expertise in developed audio enhancement tools for noise removal and speech enhancement, we will be your perfect partners for audio transcriptions tasks such as “customer support calls, Speech to text transcription, Metadata attribution to audio data such as gender, audio quality, Sentiment analysis, labeling and satisfaction measurement for support calls and much more. It’s one of the most useful types of Data annotations for many industries, especially E-commerce. 

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Audio sound or speech recorded in any format can be made understandable to machines through machine learning. NLP based speech recognition models need annotated audio to make such sound more comprehensible to applications like a chatbot or virtual assistant devices. 

How Audio Annotation helps? 

Audio validation & transcription

Audio transcription has now become an indispensable part of our daily business meetings, seminars, earning call recordings, and songs, etc. Learning Spiral offers the right and accurate Audio transcription service to maintain the essence and means of the speech or conversation. Communicate with a wider audience using Learning Spiral’s audio transcription services.

Under  Audio transcription, we accurately convert spoken language into written language for a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, legal, medical, technology, finance, etc. 

Some Popular Tools for Audio Annotation 

  1. IntraScript

  1. Audiotranskription

  1. Happy Scribe
  1. CrowdCurio

  1. Dragon Speech Recognition

About the Organization 

We can handle NLP needs covering a wide range of tasks like Audio validation & transcription, Learning Spiral, Data Labeling company offers Quality Data Labeling and Data annotation including Audio Annotation that provides the potential to your Algorithms. 

Deliver language annotation workloads at scale & with precision

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