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The deadly coronavirus (COVID 19) emerged in Wuhan, China, in December, triggering a global health emergency. With the coronavirus spreading in many countries and as a solution to this problem Artificial intelligence researchers are implementing machine learning techniques to social media, web, news, and other data sources for subtle signs that the disease may be spreading anywhere else. However, all the countries affected by coronavirus are now taking vital steps to address and face it using AI and Data Science, Data annotation services provided by Data service providers across the world to get an offer high-quality data, so that the algorithms run by the professionals give the best results & proper solutions to fight against Coronavirus.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are playing a very important role in better understanding and addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Machine learning technology enables computers to mimic human intelligence and ingest large volumes of data to quickly identify patterns and insights.

World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency. 

Data labeling company

Know-How AI is supporting in the battle to fight against coronavirus

  1. Through research and treatment 

AI is supporting researchers in many ways to fight against COVID 19 and one of the major assistance is through research and treatment work. Machine learning solutions can extract relevant medical information from unstructured text and deliver robust natural-language query capabilities, helping to accelerate the pace of discovery. In the field of medical imaging, meanwhile, researchers are using machine learning to help recognize patterns in images, enhancing the ability of radiologists to indicate the probability of disease and diagnose it earlier.

Through research, many treatment services are being explored as Medical communities have prioritized analyzing the structure of the virus in order to create an effective vaccine. 

  1.  Through Tracking Viral Impact 

AI is being accurately used to understand key events and locations related to the coronavirus, pinpoint its origin, and measure the rate of spread. Such techniques can include using AI-powered data analytics to pull insights from online behavior such as online search queries and social media conversations to identify signals from a specific population that can provide insight as to the movement of the coronavirus.  AI-driven analytics can provide users and health-care professionals with valuable real-time insight into the coronavirus’s spread that can accelerate local preparedness and response efforts.

  1.  Through non-contact services by Autonomous vehicles 

AI to the Rescue:  Autonomous vehicles are being significantly used in providing access to necessary commodities for health-care professionals and the public alike by delivering goods in infected areas and disinfecting hospitals, effectively minimizing person-to-person transmission and alleviating the shortage of medical staff.

Many hospitals are serving facilities through autonomous vehicle platforms, with the help of companies handling self-driving car projects, data labeling and data annotation services as the initial self-driving cars  project step

Self Driving car companies & Data Labeling companies are of great use as Autonomous vehicles are being used to deliver important supplies and food to hospitals with utmost safety and non-contact delivery. With daily deliveries, this initiative is helping feed around 100 frontline staff members as they work to treat their growing patient base and fight against deadly coronavirus. 

  1.  Through drug discovery 

AI is helping in the battle to fight against coronavirus and presently, one of the urgent requirements is to have a vaccine that prevents this dangerous infection. Scientists have two options when it comes to coronavirus: find an entirely new drug but wait a couple of years for it to be approved as safe for use or repurpose existing drugs. The latest AI algorithms are being run to understand the virus and then provide that necessary information to those who are developing the treatments for the following problems. An AI company that uses AI systems to develop drugs that can fight toughest diseases and is now supporting the teams to treat coronavirus, as a result, within weeks of the outbreak the company used its capabilities to propose existing drugs that might be useful to fight against the virus. Technology, artificial intelligence, and data science have become critical in helping researchers effectively deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. Researchers through supercomputers and cloud computing resources are developing vaccine treatment for the virus, Fast-tracking the development of a cure or vaccine for the virus to streamline and enhance the process to stop the panic of this disease rippling around the world.

Let’s expect the accurate discovery of COVID 19 drug or vaccine soon with the compile efforts of Ai researchers and scientists. To take necessary steps and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. AI is being used to track, facilitate staff and patients to develop the vaccine and prevent the deadly & infectious virus COVID – 19 

Below is the link to the Map of Coronavirus Case count across the world:

All of this is possible only because machine learning algorithms are trained using annotated datasets that have helped improve their accuracy and solutions. Hundreds of trained team members backed by a strict NDA at Learning Spiral Ai,  Data Annotation & Data Labeling service provider offers qualitative Data labeling services to help prepare the data sets. Let’s continue to work together to make the world a safer place to live.